WordPress (WP) says you should not use use meta tags

I am creative. I know some html code enough to get around, but I am not interested in coding per se. That’s for coders, and I admire them. That’s why I use Adobe Creative Suite and other design programs which allow me to do what I do best: design. I want to be free to design and communicate. Freely.

I am also anti-policy, rules, and regulations for the sake of consistency. I worked for someone who would only allow me to use Times Roman, 12 pt, double spaced. Until I designed her competitor’s book and that book got noticed because it was different.

Photograph of Oscar Wilde by Napoleon Sarony, 1882.

“Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Irish poet and dramatist (Proverbia, 2009)

WP says NOT to use meta tags on pages, posts. This advice comes straight from the WP tips website.

I believe that our blog posts and pages are required to have meta tags for SEO. I couldn’t add meta tags to my previously published “pages” (not posts), so I searched and searched online for an answer. Due diligence led me to this article, “Adding meta tags” by PANOS (April 4, 2011). Finally, now I will be able to add meta tags- I was thrilled! But, surprisingly, this article explains why adding meta tags in WP is a bad idea:

“Recurring question in the wp.com forum: How do I add meta tags (meaning: the keywords meta tag) in my blog?

Short answer: You don’t. You cannot, and you needn’t.

If you think you should, then you’ve simply read or heard “SEO” advice that is both irrelevant and mistaken” (PANOS, 2011).

Apparently, WordPress has advanced so that us right-brainers don’t need to have busy work, we can word on our blog message as opposed to programming. Read these comments from the WordPress experts”

“Each time you publish a post, wordpress pings all the major search engines and services, so really all you need to do is keep posting. […] One of the great things about wordpress.COM is that they take care of all search engine stuff for us and that allows us to spend our time blogging instead of dealing with all the technical issues.”

[thesacredpath, wordpress.com forum]


“WordPress.COM is designed under the hood to give you the best search engine optimization there is really and you don’t have to do anything more than write good posts, post regularly and properly categorize and/or tag your posts.”

[thesacredpath, wordpress.com forum]

“Google search engine doesn’t currently use keywords meta tag data.”

[From Google doesn’t use the keywords meta tag in web search]

I just shared with you a few reasons why keyword meta tags are not just irrelevant, a waste of time, and can hurt your search engine ranking. Decide for yourself after reading the complete article.


PANOS. (2011). wordpress tips. Retrieved on November 25, 2012 from Adding meta tags.

Proverbia. (2009). Retrieved on November 25, 2012 from http://en.proverbia.net/citastema.asp?tematica=242


3 thoughts on “WordPress (WP) says you should not use use meta tags

  1. I always assumed it was best to include tags to help search engines locate our posts and pages, but a lot has changed and from your research it doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore. However, it would be helpful to include tags on our posts to allow readers the ability to search by tags in the search form included on WP. As fas as creating tags on pages, I haven’t mastered that yet.

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