“I’m a doodle fanatic,
always thinking and dreaming about art and design…
Not being creative is like holding my breath
—I just can’t do it for very long.” 

—AnneMarie Arnold

Welcome! You will find as you navigate my blog that I am always thinking and dreaming of new ways to  present information.  I like to explore new technologies, make comparisons, be challenged. I have a particular interest in blogging. Blogging has been around since the late 1990s, but how blogging is used has emerged as a marketing tool for recruiters, job applicants, and organizations to attract and engage followers. I find that blogging is a great communication vehicle to leverage your brand, or just to brand yourself.

I chose the Education Media Design & Technology (EMDT) Graduate Certificate course at Full Sail University because I believe that education is now the “new emerging technology”.  To be a good example to my children, I must continue to learn and apply new technologies – be a lifelong learner and “walk the talk”.


Doodling isn’t just for fun

The British Journal of Educational Technology found mind-mapping to be significantly more effective than just writing out notes. Mind-mapping brings visual structure to notes, usually involving writing one word in the center and drawing offshoots from it with related ideas and phrases. Researchers studying two groups of note-takers, those using the SmartWisdom method (a popular alternative mind-mapping system) and those writing traditional notes found that although there was no difference in the accuracy of the notes, the mind-mappers were able to present the information back with more clarity and coherence than their counterparts.

Source: The Complete Guide to taking notes effectively at Work


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